Do You Have It In You?

Tips.NetAre you a person who loves to write? Are you someone who can:

  • Quickly and efficiently research a topic?
  • Create an informative and engaging article of at least 400 words?
  • Write in a conversational, casual manner according to an established style guide?
  • Develop the internal motivation and discipline to do it all on a regular basis?

If so, I've got the perfect opportunity for you!

Tips.Net is a successful online publisher looking for freelance writers for a wide range of topics. Once you agree to be one of our writers, here's how it all works:

  • You identify the writing areas you have expertise in or are interested in researching.
  • We provide editorial guidelines as to how our articles should be written.
  • We identify the titles of articles we need written, in the categories you've identified.
  • You indicate how long you think it would take you to write the articles.
  • We issue a purchase order to you—as a freelancer—to write the articles.
  • You write the articles, each at least 400 words long, according to our editorial guidelines. (All articles must be unique and original with you; no copying of others' work is allowed. Writing must also be done using Microsoft Word.)
  • You submit an invoice for your writing and you get paid. (Going rate is $5.00 per article.)

Since you do this work as a freelancer, your schedule is completely flexible—you are free to work any time and in any place you wish. This means you can easily work around existing work, family, and study schedules.

Sound like something right up your alley? Great! Let's get started, then...

Step 1

First, please indicate the topic areas in which you are interested (check all that pique your interest):

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