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At Tips.Net we are always looking for ways to make using our sites easier to use. The information at Tips.Net has always been free, and our goal is to keep it that way. But if you are looking for an enhanced way to use our various sites, consider a membership to Tips.Net. Members enjoy a wide variety of features, with more features slated for the future. Here is a sampling of the enhanced features available to members today and into the future.

Feature   Available
Ad Removal
Tired of looking at ads? Remove them completely so nothing stands between you and the information you need.
Resource Links
Want to know more about a topic? Resource Links allow you to see additional external resources that can help you get the info you need. Over 2500 Resource Links now with more coming daily.
Personal Notes
Want to make your own notes related to our articles? Personal notes are private (only you see them) and can contain the information you desire. They even print when you print an article!
  Member Toolbar
  Adds a toolbar in the Member area gives you access to member-only functions like Enhanced Printing, Edit Preferences and other coming features.
  Enhanced Printing
  A toolbar in the Member area gives you access to various functions, including the printing of articles and other pages without ads and with or without Resource Links and Personal Notes. Either send the page directly to your printer dialog or preview it first. Either do one-click printing using defaults you set or adjust your setting for a printout.
  Convert to RTF
  Convert a tips article or other page into an RTF document that can then be edited in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or any other editor that accepts RTF input documents.
  Convert to PDF
  Convert a tips article or other page into an PDF document that can be saved, viewed and printed by Acrobat Reader or other PDF application.
Third Quarter, 2011
  Queued Printing
  Designate a custom series of articles that you want printed in a particular order. Save your print queues for future use. You can even add a Table of Contents and output to your printer, to an RTF file or to a PDF file.
Third Quarter, 2011
  Email to your Friends
  Send an email with a link to a tip article to a mailing list of your friends or to email addresses you enter. Use either your default message or a message you enter.
Third Quarter, 2011
Personalized Navigation Tabs
Modify and add navigation tabs at the top of each website page:
  • Select up to 15 sites as your favorite sites and see them first below the Tips.Net tab.
  • When you open a new site using the Tips.Net tab, you will see it as a new tab, so that you have immediate access to the last 5 sites you've visited. Or keep some sites on tabs while you browse other sites.
Third Quarter, 2011
  My Favorite Tips
  Mark your own favorite articles. Click on the My Favorite Tips tab to see a table of all of your favorites. Sort the table by Article title, Site, When added or When last viewed.
Third Quarter, 2011
Article Tagging and Personal Categories
Add personalized tags to articles quickly and easily. The tags can help you categorize and find tips easier than ever before, with each category shown on your My.Tips.Net page for quick access to the articles assigned to it. Assign multiple tags to an article.
Third Quarter, 2011
Add a personalized Tips.Net site, customizable to meet your needs:
  • See the titles of the latest tips in site categories that you choose.
  • Set up your own article categories across all of our sites, with names you choose. Have categories for projects you're working on, for each member of your household or whatever you would like. Use hierarchical categories to further sort your tip articles.
  • As you tag articles, each top level tag becomes an article category. Categories are listed at the bottom of your site page for quick access.
  • Be able to quickly sign up or discontinue the newsletters for any of our sites.
Fourth Quarter, 2011
Member Comments
See what other members have to say about an article, or add your own public comments.
Fourth Quarter, 2011

The dates shown in this "What's Coming" list represent our best estimate of when the feature will be available for general use. The dates are subject to change.

Have a suggestion for a feature you'd like to see on our list? Email it to support@sharonparq.com.


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